• Can be used with Mac
  • Incredibly fast and easy to use
  • Not packed with interface-boggin features
  • Safe to use with Google Panda & Penguin
  • Multi-lingual Cloud thesaurus (Supports Spanish, French, German, English, Italian languages)
  • 100% error free for grammar and spelling
  • Can rewrite and identity synonyms for words, phrases and sentences
  • Easy to use training and manual included with your purchase

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"With A Simple Click Of Your Mouse...
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From the Desk of: Ludovic Louisdhon

Dear Article Marketer, Writer, Business Professional and Student,

If you are looking to create content more efficiently from your favorite web browser, or operating system then Content Professor is what you need...For those interested in article marketing, rest assure all your content needs will be handled so you can focus on the most important aspect of your business, earning money.

Because it's both FREE and extremely EFFECTIVE, article marketing is an extremely POWERFUL marketing method.

In addition, it provides both direct traffic to your sites AND the kind of backlinks that can provide a HUGE boost in your search engine rankings.

When I started using article marketing using unique articles to drive traffic to my site, something happened...

"Watch Your Traffic and Sales Skyrocket"

Power of Article Marketing | Traffic Increase | Article Spiner

Then, I watched with amazement as
my sales took off on autopilot!

Article Marketing Efforts - Article Spinner - Article Rewriting


In a nutshell... article marketing is, perhaps, the single best marketing method available today. It has the potential to drive MASSIVE traffic to the website, blog, or affiliate offer of your choice.

In fact, it would be the PERFECT marketing method... if it weren’t for one VERY BIG problem...

Writing articles is painfully slow.

But, fortunately, there's a solution -- spinning.

Article spinning lets you take one "seed" article and turn it into HUNDREDS (or even THOUSANDS) of rewritten articles.

In other words...


It lets you work smart... instead of hard.

With spinning, you never have to pay for content -- so it can potentially save you an enormous amount of money. But, perhaps even more important, is the fact that it saves you TIME...


So, instead of spending your time writing tedious articles, you can work on more important marketing tasks.

But there are also some problems with spinning...

A lot of times, the articles produced by spinning software are virtually unreadable. And, since a lot of article directories check the quality of the articles you submit -- using "junk" articles often won't work.

The perfect spinning software would be fast, easy to use, and -- most important of all -- effective.

And that's where Content Professor comes in...

CP is designed to overcome many of the common problems with spinning software. To accomplish that, it uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

After over 2 years of research, testing, analysis, and listening to our customers -- the end result is a spinner that delivers superior quality with features that are virtually unmatched.

And best of all... the Standard version is completely FREE to use! (Yes, really.)




Why We're Better...


Content Professor is the FIRST web-based spinner with a multi-lingual user-generated thesaurus database.

Its "dynamic" database prioritizes synonyms based on how often they're used.

But it doesn't stop there...

Unlike other synonym databases, ours doesn't just accumulate synonyms. Instead, the system is based on "quality." With Content Professor, as high quality synonyms are being added, irrelevant synonyms are also being removed.

And that’s the way it should be.

The result is that -- over time -- our dynamic database refines itself automatically giving you the highest quality and most relevant spun articles possible.

Our software has numerous advantages...


Works online with ANY computer and ANY browser. So there are NO installation or compatibility problems.

The Standard version is FREE for all users. Upgrade only if and when you choose to.

Features an interactive user interface that’s extremely easy to use.

Uses the latest technology in web development.

Comes with a HUGE PLR content library loaded with unrestricted ghost-written articles. No scrape content.

Packaged with a customizable duplicate content checker to easily check uniqueness, and target duplicate content between any two articles in an instant.

Receives frequent updates with continuing development and enhancements. Exciting NEW features are coming soon!

Uses a unique algorithm that continually refines the multi-lingual synonym database.

Content Professor is also FAST. It can create a virtual flood of unique, spun articles -- in mere seconds!

In addition, Content Professor includes an impressive array of feature To Give You Superior-Quality Spins.

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