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  • 100% error free for grammar and spelling
  • Can rewrite and identity synonyms for words, phrases and sentences
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Unique Core Features of Article Spinner

Synonym Request Feature. This powerful feature lets you request any synonym you would like removed or added to the GLOBAL, online thesaurus database. The request goes to an administrator who reviews it and makes the change to the database. This greatly improves the quality of the thesaurus database.

Synonym "Quality" Algorithm. (PRO) Synonyms are ranked based on how often a given synonym is used. The more people use a particular synonym, the higher it's ranked as being a "relevant" word. Therefore, users never have to worry about the thesaurus being filled with useless or irrelevant material.

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Productivity Features of Content Spinner

Spin Ready Articles. Lets you create articles with "spin tag" syntax already embedded.

Export To Different Spin Format. Content Professor is flexible. This function allows you to export "spin ready" articles. It supports standard {|} spin syntax, as well as other popular formats.

Mass Article Creation. With the click of your mouse, Content Professor lets you create hundreds -- or even thousands -- of articles from a SINGLE "seed" article in less than 30 seconds.

Quick Article Rewrite Mode. (PRO) When enabled, you will be able to manually tab and rewrite articles faster than ever before. Content Professor will help you avoid and replace all occurrences of Words & Phrases Previously Replaced thoughout the article. Saving you more time by not inserting synonyms for the same words and phrases when manually spinning articles.

Multilingual Thesauri. Features support for English, Spanish, French, and German.

Personal Synonym Database. Lets you create your own synonym database from scratch. Save your most commonly used synonyms with a click.

Import Your Own Synonyms. You can import synonyms to your own personal database (using .csv or .txt files).

Unlimited Nested Spinning. (PRO) Content Professor fully supports nested spinning (spinning within spinning). It spins sentences and then the words or phrases within each spun sentence. This is a very important feature because nesting is the best way to increase the number of possible unique spins that each seed article can produce.

Nested spinning can help you create hundreds of unique articles from just one seed article. Content Professor supports up to 5 levels of spinning.

Multi-word phrases. Because our synonym database is user generated, you can spin BOTH single words AND multi-word phrases. Most articles spinner thesauruses are NOT user generated -- so they only contain single words -- not multi-word phrases.

Full-sentence and paragraph spinning. CP lets you spin the original article at THREE levels, namely at the word level, at the sentence level and also at the paragraph level. Imagine how much time you'll save when you can instantly restructure an entire sentence or paragraph.

Auto URL Linking. With this option, the spinner will automatically insert the necessary HTML code to create a hyperlink in your spun articles.

Token Replacement. With Content Professor, you have the ability to use tokens such as [KEYWORDS] or %KEYWORDS% in your articles and replace those tokens with other keywords dynamically.

Article Filter. (PRO) Lets you filter out articles that do not meet your standards for readability, grade level, uniqueness, word count, and other factors.

Detect "Sensible" Synonyms. (PRO) Detects common words such as: the, if, and, also, there, that, not, when, but, you, is, a, it, is, in, has, have -- an others.

Excluded Word List. Any words or phrases you put into the box on this tab will NOT be replaced when spun.

Three Text Fields. The software uses 3 text areas to keep the article title, body, and resource box separate.

Content Professor's API. Eliminate the cost and money wasted in unique content creation for projects. Integrate ContentProfessor functionality into tons of useful SEO tools, auto blogs, and content plugins via the API center.

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Quality & Statistical Features of Article Rewrite | Spinning Software

Change Assistant Feature. (PRO) This makes duplicate content stand out visually (by highlighting it) so you can target duplicate content between any two articles in an instant. Change Assistant will highlight text snippets duplicated within both the original and modified article, giving the user insight into how to quickly reach the unique percentages they are targeting.

With the Change Assistant, you can automatically  use nested spinning or phrases highlighted to a new unique term and compare anew, granting you access to unheardof quality in producing unique and original automated content.

Advance Spell Checker Technology. (PRO) This lets you write better -- so you spend less time editing. Our software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer "smart" suggestions.

Customizable Duplicate Content Checker. (PRO) This feature compares the words and phrases in the original seed article with those in a rewritten version to determine the "uniqueness percentage" (%) to two decimal places. You can set how the duplicate content calculation is determined.

Integration with Copyscape and Plagium. Copyscape & Plagium is a paid and free plagiarism checker. It lets you determine whether your spun articles are unique and original.

Article Marketing Statistics. This feature determines your article's word count, readability, uniqueness, and grade level.

Online SEO Statistic. Tells you the density of any given keyword phrase within the newly spun article. In the context of search engine optimization, keyword density is a factor in determining whether a web page is considered relevant given a specific keyword phrase.

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Save Article Projects. You can save up to 100 projects and articles on our server.

PLR Content Library. (PRO) Includes a searchable database of over 100,000 Private Label Right’s articles. This allows you to quickly find the content you need, download it, and place it in Content Professor’s article body.

Word & Phrase Tabbing. Lets you rapidly navigate between words or phrases in the synonym windowpane.

Auto Save Draft Feature. Periodically saves your article drafts.

Font Size Changer. This option lets you change the viewing font to any size between 8 and 14 points.

Cross Browser Compatibility. Content Professor is a web-based application that works with virtually ANY web browser -- including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

"Smart" Synonyms Window. This makes it fast and easy to change words. You simply highlight a word or phrase and the corresponding replacements will pop-up. You can add multiple synonyms by placing a pipeline “|” next to each one. Finally, you can also remove, exclude, or add synonyms via the "smart" windowpane.

"Smart" Text Result Area. You may conclude that you need to remove synonyms from the article spintax {word|syn}. Content Professor makes reading through different versions of your articles very easy and efficient by displaying a list of the synonyms when hovering over any word substituted throughout the article. The smart result text area and synonym window makes the process of removing synonyms directly from the spun result tab extremely fast and convenient.

Import (Or Cut & Paste) Articles. You can import or "cut & paste" your article into Content Professor -- or simply start a new article.

J-Query & CloudFront User Interface. This provides a highly interactive -- and lighting fast -- user experience because it's all web-based.

Download Articles. Download your spun articles in the popular and convenient "zip" format.

Simply stated, Content Professor is the best spinner available today... and we're constantly working to improve it, add features, and refine it further for over 30,000 customers like you. Here's What Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say...

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